Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice was created over 10 years ago in response to a particularly devastating year (2005). I wanted to use my wounds and scars to turn what was meant for my harm into something beautiful and everlasting. I was determined to transform my trauma into my testimony.

The name – Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice – perfectly described that hellish year. To me, the name felt strong, bold, transparent and empowering – everything I had become. I made the decision to create and use the LMMFMV platform to remind us all of our infinite power and strength, especially for those times when we couldn’t see it for ourselves.

So now let me tell you a bit about what’s going on around here.

CONTENT – If you have been around over the past few years, from time to time you may notice and remember a post or two from the previous LMMFMV blog. For you newbies, welcome, and yes, this is my second attempt at this. Relax. I am not lazily slapping up posts from years ago and pretending that they are new. Every previous post will be remixed (updated) and/or repurposed. I promise you, they will be worth reading with new eyes.

CATEGORIES – I love music. Not all music, but enough to do practically everything I do in my life to a beat in the background. If I were not a writer, I would have been a singer. I mean, you know, if I could actually sing. Anyway, you may recognize some of the categories (under Life on the menu bar) as a song title or album. Or maybe you won’t. Either way, following is a list of LMMFMV categories versus the “traditional” categories and what they mean:

Live Through It – This category is commonly associated with soul and spirit. To be honest, this will probably be the most used category as it will feature posts dealing with the mental, spiritual and emotional issues people deal with on the daily.

Go Get It – This category is about money, work and career. As I learn, I will teach. You are invited to join me on this freelance journey and wherever it takes me. In this category I strive to inspire you to go get it for yourself.

God, Love & Romance – This category is the traditional love and relationships section. To be honest, this will probably be the least used category. And that is all I have to say about that.

Beautiful – This category will house posts about moving towards a more natural, simplified lifestyle in terms of health and beauty. As I strive to make my own life easier to maneuver through, I will be sharing what works for me and hopefully you too.

Voice Lessons – This category is not musically inspired. All of the other categories deal with experiences of losing our collective minds and should be well balanced with the epiphanies, testimonies and blessings of finding our collective voices.

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