Remember this?

Yeah, well I quit too. Exactly one month ago today. My exit wasn’t quite as entertaining, but nevertheless, I finally walked away from a job I despised.

I had been in this position for the last 6 years; miserable for the last five and a half. At the time I was hired, it had been my lifeboat after two years of unemployment. I was grateful. But very early on I could feel myself struggling to fit my round self into that sqare hole of a company.

It paid the bills, though barely. Over time, I convinced myself to give up my dreams of traveling while freelancing and writing best-sellers and settle for the security and stability of this job. I decided to be normal and do the best I could to be happy. So for the most part, I stopped dreaming, hoping, wishing, and writing. But my spirit wasn’t having it.

I had begun noticing a very soft and subtle, almost imperceptive shift happening a few months ago and I was becoming increasingly annoyed. Mediocrity masquerading as good work ethic was rewarded with raises and promotions. Upper management was more concerned about the type of sweater I wore (while sitting at my desk) than the time, effort and excellence I put into supporting the business by dutifully playing my role. And the owners were absolutely clueless that 99.99% of their staff was disgruntled and/or looking for other jobs. Favoritism, privilege and entitlement ruled.

Every morning I struggled to get out of bed. On the days I did manage to get up, I mused about my life’s purpose and how the hell I wound up so far off track. Almost every day I cried on the way to work. Some days I cried in the bathroom at work. And then on April 25, 2017 – my personal independence day – I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.

So I quit fear.
I quit settling.
I quit people who didn’t value me.
I quit pretending.
I quit hopelessness.
I quit giving away my power.
I quit letting myself down.
And then I walked out and quit that damn job.

“Don’t quit because something went wrong. Quit because you tried your hardest and nothing made it better.” ~Unknown

“It’s never worth staying at a job that makes you miserable and doesn’t help you become a better person.” ~Unknown

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