For the most part, we all know what the term “losing my mind” implies: crazy. Crazy as in unstable. Unbalanced. Mentally troubled. We use the term loosely or in jest as a form of passive aggressive judgment. The first time I heard that term being used towards me was during one of the most painful, traumatic experiences of my life. There was so much going on and I had no idea about how to properly handle the situation, so yeah, I came out of character a little bit. I realized later, however, that it was necessary. Maybe not some of the things I had said or done, but the experience was necessary.

Once that season of my life was over, I challenged myself to take away the power of all the negative things that had been said about me. For almost a year, my mind had been filled with what “they said” and struggled with my changing self-perception at first. But deep down, I knew me. I knew I had made mistakes but I also knew those mistakes didn’t make me. I had to remind myself that although I had not started the war, fighting through it had¬†caused me to lose my mind. The powerless mind(set). The faithless mind(set). The fearful mind(set). The worrying about what people thought about me mind(set). The I can’t do this mind(set). Every negative mind(set).

So the only thing crazy about Losing My Mind on this blog is using or accepting the term as the insult it was intended. Take back your power. Let the issues, situations and circumstances that brought you this far, take you even further with a clean heart and renewed mind. Let my stories remind you that your story is far from over.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony…” ~Revelation 12:11 (KJV)