Losing My Mind, Finding My Voice was first a book back in 2006, one that I could never seem to finish writing. At the time, I was transitioning out of a situation and in the midst of that crisis, I stumbled upon my greatest blessing….my voice. That experience helped me discover a level of strength, resilience and determination I had never known. I fought hard for my beliefs and my right to be heard. When my back was up against the wall, I truly realized for the first time what it meant to have everything you need on the inside of you. It was like putting on glasses for the first time and realizing that everything before that moment had been a blurry mess.

I made it my mission to use my life and experiences as a springboard to write about the things I had become so passionate about: faith, empowerment, mental health, and using my voice to create possibilities and change.

After 4 years of working on and being unable to complete LMMFMV the book to my satisfaction, I finally scrapped it and used the concept to create the first LMMFMV blog in 2010. I became transparent in my quest to inspire other women to find their own voices.

Your voice is the essence of your being. At your core, lay the spiritual abundance of God. Out of that abundance flows your distinctive nature – your talents, gifts, calling, anointing – the epitome of you. It is your responsibility to use your voice in ways that honor God and your inherent abundance.

My wish for this blog is to be a community of voices where we can encourage and empower each other. Some days we may have to borrow a bit of someone else’s faith. Other days we will be able to give out of the abundance of our hearts. Either way, let’s take hold of all of the inevitable challenges, issues and struggles we face, band together and create something beautiful.

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